Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on 30/05/2024

Go to > Settings > QoL Settings > Subscriptions

Your subscription key will be in the email you were sent by [email protected]

We support Safari, Firefox, Edge, Chrome and any chromium browsers that allow chrome extensions to be installed.

RoQoL only guarantees support with RoPro, RoSeal, BTRoblox and Roblox+
If you use an extension that you would like support for, please contact us

It is entirely up to you if you would like to install the extension.

Contact us and describe what the issue is specifically with any errors you see

The extension asks for your location when using the best connection server filter as we need to calcuate the distance between you and the server you are looking at
Your location never leaves your browser


The region map and server region feature will not work on paid access games as the method of retrieving the region requires the ability to join a game which is not possible if the account does not own/can access a game

The developer of the game will be required to purchase a subscription and use the region api.
This allows the developer to provide region information.

The view banned users feature does not work because of a Safari bug that does not allow the required function to be listened to
Notifications from extensions are not supported at all by Safari

The extension verifies that you own your roblox account by having you favourite a game.

However sometimes the extension can fail to unfavourite the game when it is finished.
You can unfavourite the game without issues.

There is a known bug where the favourite button is missing or does not work. This is sadly a roblox bug and there is nothing I can do to fix this.
Favouriting is a legacy way of verifying your account and OAuth2 is now the primary way the extension verifies you.

If a region you want does not have servers on the region map, it means roblox has no servers in those locations.

For robux it would cost 1858 robux due to 30% tax and the devex exchange rate.
Our merchant also does not support crypto and I am not taking direct payments.