Server Filters

Join servers with region, smallest, biggest, oldest, youngest and max players filters

Server Region

Shows what region, age and version a server is
Also works on sub-places and 17+ games

Preferred Region

Click a button to join a server from a specified region


Select from a variety of themes or upload your own

Allowed: png, webp, gif, jpeg, jpg, mp4
Image: 4MB max, Video: 16MB max

Private Server Region

Shows what region and version a private server is

Extra Outfits

Allows you to have up to 500 (150 for free) extra outfits

Friends Activity

Shows what games your friends have been playing

Best Friends

Adds another row to display up to 18 best friends at the top

Only allow best friends to join you

Allows you to select Best Friends in the who can join me permission.
(Best Friends must have extension installed to see/join you)

Only allow best friends to see your inventory

Allows you to select Best Friends in the who can see my inventory permission.
(13+ Account required, Best Friends must have extension installed to see)

Group Feed

Shows last 200 group shouts from groups you are in

Pinned Games

Allows you to pin games to your home page

Pinned Groups

Allows you to pin groups to the top of the list

Playtime Heatmap

See a heatmap of your playtime for a specific game

Friend Request Notifications

Displays a notification when sends you a friend request

Not supported Safari

Region API

Allows developers to query the location of a server (Can only be used by roblox servers)

This will also allow regions to be seen on server page for paid access


Session Detector

Displays a notification when your account is logged into

Not supported Safari


Shows how long you have played/edited a game and when you last played

Discord Presence

Shows what game you are playing on discord

Extra Outfits

Allows you to have up to 150 (500 for paid) extra outfits

Remove Accessory Limit

Equip up to 10 accessories

Active Private Servers

Allows you to see which private servers you are still paying for

Rap/Value on Profile

Shows a user's rap and rolimons value on their profile

Trade Notifier

Sends you a notification when you receive, send, decline or cancel a trade

Not supported Safari

Trade Filters

Allows you to cancel all, old, loss and other trades

Trade Value Overview

Allows you to see trade values on the overview list

Shows earnings on trade

Shows how much you earnt/loss in value and rap on a trade

Show demand/value on trade

Shows total value and average demand of trade (rolimons)

Show demand/value and categories on item

Shows total value, average demand and categories of item (rolimons)

Show demand and categories on offer

Shows a limited item's value and categories (rare, projected, hyped) on the offer page

Quick Cancel/Decline

Adds a button to the trades list to quick cancel/decline

Auto-decline "Inbound/Outbound/Low" Value Loss

Declines any trade that you receive which have a value loss more than specified

Hide Roblox Ads

Hide all ads on the roblox site

Download Version History

Adds button to download old version of place

Transaction Summary Source

Allows you to see source of robux on transaction/group page

CSV Chart

Allows you to upload a CSV file and display it in a chart. You can see sales per asset, game and users

Mutual Friends

Shows mutual friends on a users profile

Supported Devices

Shows which devices a game supports

Last Online on Home

Shows when a friend was last online on home page

Last Online on Profile

Shows when a user was last online on their profile

Expand Home Friends List

Adds another row to the home friends list

View Banned User

Allows you to view banned users

Safari users will have to manually go to the url www.roblox.com/banned-user/USERID

Not supported Safari

View Locked Group

Allows you to view locked groups

Robux In Dollars

Displays how much robux you have and how much an item costs in over 200+ currencies

Live Experience Statistics

Automatically updates an experience's statistics every 5 seconds

Quick Invite

You can create a shareable link for others to join a server (Must have extension)

Badge Awarded Date

Shows when you achieved a badge

Recent Servers

Shows the last 4 servers that you played on the servers page

Sort Private Servers By Player Count

Adds a checkbox to allow you to sort private servers by how many players are in it

Skin Tone Color Picker

Allows you to change your skin tone to any colour with a colour wheel

Friend History

Shows which friends you have gained/lost

Friend Notifications

Displays a notification when someone friends or unfriends you

Not supported Safari

Cancel Friend Requests

Allows you to cancel an outgoing friend request

Group Shout Notifications

Choose what groups to receive group shout notifications from

Not supported Safari

Inbox Notifications

Sends you a notification when you receive a new inbox message (System messages can be ignored)

Not supported Safari

Home Greeting

Adds back the old home greeting header which can be customised

Item Search

Adds a searchbar to the avatar page

Asset Sales

Shows how many sales an asset you created has

Created/Updated Asset

Shows when an asset was created and last updated

Avatar Page on Mobile

Adds support for avatar page on mobile

View Offsale Items

Allows you to view offsale items on create.roblox.com

Streamer Mode

Hide robux, age, sensitive information, invites, names, socials and more

Preview Discord Server

View a discoverable discord server without having to join

Site Fixes

Fixes favourites page only showing the first 30 games

Fixes not being able to see what games you purchased

Fixes avatar page not working correctly on firefox for android

Fixes avatar page not displaying correctly for small screens