Privacy Policy

Last Updated on 4/04/2024

What information do you collect?

The extension will collect:

• UserIds - Unique account identifiers

• Last Login Timestamp and Browser - Used for analytics

• Friends - Used for history tracking and friend notifications

• Outfits - Used to allow more than 50 outfits

• Playtime - We track playtime so we can show how long you have played/edited a game

• Last 53 played games - We track your last 53 played games to provide accurate continue playing results as roblox now provides inaccurate results.

• Accounts linked to a subscription.


We use paddle as our vendor for subscriptions. We will use your email if you are a paying customer to send you subscription information such as your subscription keys and management links
Read how Paddle handles your payment information

How do you use the information?

The information above is used for authentication purposes and user-facing functionality.

What information do you share?

Information is not shared with third parties.

Why does the extension ask for my location at times?

The extension will ask for your location if you are trying to use the best connection filter.

This is required to get the closest servers to your location.

Your location is never sent or collected.

How can I delete my data?

You can contact us in our discord or support email here for deletion inquires.

If you send an inquiry, please provide all userids you would like deleted.

How is my data stored?

All data is stored in the United States and will not be stored anywhere else.

Privacy policy updates

Privacy policies will change as the extension receives updates, as such it is recommended to review this every extension update.